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The Storyteller Chicago team is amazing––creative, responsive, pleasant, professional––delightful to work with, start to finish
— Amy Gibson, author of Catching Kisses

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book trailers 

The Wheels on the… Uh-Oh! book trailer by Storyteller Chicago

Authors pour their hearts and souls into their books.

They lovingly write, thoughtfully illustrate, and, against all odds, manage to get published.  

But it's only then that the real challenge begins: marketing the book.

The book business has changed dramatically in just the last 2 years.

Authors and publishers need to find more effective ways to break through.


Our book trailers convey the heart and soul of a book to the parents and educators buying for children.

Take a look at some of our recent work.

I am thrilled with how my book trailer turned out… it has definitely expanded the PR reach for my book. My money was very well spent.
— Jennifer Swanson, author of over 35 children’s books

Cavekid Birthday book trailer by Storyteller Chicago

Catching Kisses book trailer by Storyteller Chicago

When Penny Met POTUS book trailer by Storyteller Chicago

Astronaut Aquanaut book trailer by Storyteller Chicago

The Wind Play Tricks book trailer by Storyteller Chicago

marketing videos

We also make polished and professional videos for businesses. We tell the stories of founders, users, and products. 

STORYTELLER CHICAGO videos have the high production value they need to stand out on any digital platform.

Our creative team works closely with businesses to ensure our content fulfills the brand vision and connects with the intended audience. 

Take a look at the user testimonial and Chrome Store product demo we made for PowerNotes Research, a cool new productivity app from a Chicago startup.

PowerNotes User Testimonial - Chip Fitzgerald, producer/ director

PowerNotes Chrome Store Explainer - Chip Fitzgerald, producer/ director


Inside World War II - Alex Flaster, showrunner/writer

The Double Life of Moe Berg - Alex Flaster, director

Documentary storytelling is at the heart of everything we do at STORYTELLER CHICAGO. We grew up professionally making docs... feature length films, hour-long TV docs and everything in between. It’s where we learned to tell stories.

Between us we’ve made dozens of them…. historical, biographical, investigative.

We’ve made docs about famous (and infamous) people, and world changing events. But we’ve also found fascinating stories in small towns told by regular people.

If there’s one thing we know for sure it’s that good stories are all around us if you ask the right questions and know how to tell them.

STORYTELLER CHICAGO can help you tell your story.

Take a look at clips from a couple of our docs. One tells the sweeping saga of World War II. The other tells the story of an American who was both ordinary and extraordinary, Moe Berg.

Our work has appeared on National Geographic Channel, History Channel, A&E, Discovery, HGTV, The Weather Channel, Animal Planet, CNBC, CNN, and many others.


who we are

For many years, Chip Fitzgerald and Alex Flaster helped people tell their stories through documentary films. Their docs have aired on television networks across the spectrum. Now they’ve teamed up with producer and author Rachel Ruiz to form Storyteller Chicago to help authors, businesses, and firms tell their stories.